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Vacuum Shelf Dryers are specified for products requiring uniform, low-temperature drying with no agitation or compression. Among those products are pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vitamin extracts, specialty food items, fine chemicals and glandular products.

Product Details

Delicate, heat-sensitive materials are dried safely at extremely low drying temperatures. Operating under vacuum, the product is protected from oxidation and atmospheric contamination and released solvents are fully recovered.

Consisting of a square or round vacuum chamber with customized fixed internal shelves; the wet material to be dried is loaded into pans or trays and manually placed on the shelves. The top part of each shelf is flat with a coil jacket on the underside to circulate steam or liquid heating medium for the desired operating temperature.

The chamber and or shelves are designed to meet the operating pressures and material compatibility requirements for each individual application and are built to comply with ASME, PED Pressure Codes or other national design and construction codes.

Due to hundreds of various types of products and demands of inducing and controlling a vacuum environment, almost all aspects of a vacuum shelf dryers mechanical design and ancillary support equipment can be customized to meet each individual process design needs.

The vast majority of Buflovak vacuum shelf dryers are installed on a production-guaranteed basis because the specific process (chemistry) design was tested and then pilot-run in the Buflovak laboratory, which provided reliable scale-up data for correct dryer configuration and working capacity to meet each individual process design application.

The overall dimension of each vacuum chamber is driven by the required shelf surface area for drying. The shelf size, spacing between each shelf, and selected chamber geometry (square or round) will determine the overall chamber size.

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