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Thermal Drying & Solidification


Evaporation, Distillation & Separation


Premier Products

The Buflovak product line offers process solutions engineered and manufactured exclusively by Hebeler. The Buflovak line of premier products range from dryers & flakers to evaporation, distillation and separation equipment. We specialize in providing engineering driven solutions for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental processes.

With our thermal drying & solidification solutions, Buflovak products provide specialized drying or cooling solutions tailored to our customer’s process needs. Our product offering includes atmospheric and vacuum double drum dryers, single drum dryers, vacuum rotary / paddle dryers, vacuum pan dryers, paddle dryers and cooling drum flakers.

Buflovak equipment and systems can also be designed to separate the constituents of a liquid mixture. Evaporation and crystallization technologies remove liquids and solids, respectively from liquid mixture process streams by vaporization. Distillation technology separates components of a liquid mixture via vaporization and condensation. Everyday Hebeler’s engineers are solving today’s complex liquid separation problems, delivering a distinct and profitable operating advantage for our customers.

Our Products

The Hebeler Advantage

Multiple industry-leading brands under one roof to select the best product of your process

In-house team of skilled engineers and designers to customize the products for your process

Assigned Product Manager to manage your engineered solution from concept design to installation and startup

Two manufacturing facilities to build the products or systems

After market parts and field service support

You know what you have and what you want to end up with – let us design a process for you.

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