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Vacuum Pan Dryers are highly versatile and can be configured to combine a number of process operations in one unit without removing and exposing the product to atmosphere. These process operations consist of one or more of the following: filtering product, drying product under vacuum, cooling product under an inert environment, distilling under reflux, and recovery of solvents.



100% Wet Charge

Working Capacity

3×9 VPD 39 gallons
4×12 VPD 93 gallons
5×12 VPD 145 gallons
6×12 VPD 210 gallons
8×12 VPD 374 gallons
10×12 VPD 585 gallons

Product Details

Consisting of a stationary vertical jacketed cylinder with flat or curved bottom, dished top and internal rotating custom-select agitator to mix and circulate various materials in the shortest possible processing time.

The batch operation of the vacuum pan dryer is simplified by automatically loading (charging) the wet product into the top of the jacket cylinder with the agitator rotating for uniform distribution and complete dry product discharge through a pneumatically operated side discharge door.

The stationary jacket cylinder and internal chamber are designed to meet the operating pressures and material compatibility requirements for each individual application and are built to comply with ASME, PED Pressure Codes or other national design and construction codes.

Due to hundreds of various types of products and demands of inducing and controlling a vacuum environment, almost all aspects of a vacuum pan dryer’s mechanical design, operating components and ancillary support equipment can be customized to meet each individual process design needs.

The vast majority of Buflovak vacuum pan dryers are installed on a production-guaranteed basis because the specific process (chemistry) design was tested and then pilot-run in the Buflovak laboratory, which provided reliable scale-up data for correct dryer configuration and working capacity to meet each individual process design application.

The following chart is an example of the flexible vacuum pan dryer capacity range to meet your specific dry product production rate for exact volume requirements to meet and balance upstream and downstream design capacity.

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