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Buflovak has a long proud history in Western New York. With roots back to the 1845 partnership of David Bell and William McNish, by the early 1900’s Buffalo Foundry & Machine Co., the predecessor to Buflovak, was a leading producer of chemical apparatus, vacuum dryers, vacuum pumps, condensers, receivers, filters, crystallizers, and castings up to 100 tons.  By 1927 the Company was one of the largest manufacturers of heavy castings in the United States.

The foundation for today’s Buflovak vacuum and thermal process equipment products was established when the Company entered the dryer and evaporation process equipment business, producing patented equipment, primarily for milk processing, in 1905.  This product line was expanded to a variety of industries over the subsequent decades and by the 1930’s Buflovak had become the worlds foremost expert in the design and construction of vacuum dryers and evaporators. By 1993, the Company was acquired and split into multiple companies to focus on specific core competencies aimed at turning around the business.

For more than 104 years, Buflovak has meant quality and reliability in the design and manufacture of process equipment for chemicals, food products, pharmaceutical products and by-product recovery. A fully integrated system at Buflovak brings together engineering, manufacturing and testing under one roof in the production of complex and specialized equipment on a small or large scale. This is why Buflovak equipment can be found in almost every industrialized country in the world

In 2016 Buflovak and PK joined the Hebeler Group of Companies, and together became known as Hebeler Process Solutions, LLC (HPS).

Buflovak and PK brands will continue developing their internationally recognized product lines, as well as offering custom process solutions.  What this partnership will offer is a whole new realm of custom manufacturing capabilities.

Hebeler, LLC specializes in custom engineering and manufacturing, and has worked primarily in the Power Generation Industry.  Hebeler is excited to begin manufacturing all the Buflovak and PK lines, and bring its strong knowledge of compliance and quality to these new industries.  All HPS products will be manufactured at the Tonawanda facility or at the J. Oskam Steel, LTD subsidiary in Port Colborne, Ontario.

At Hebeler Process Solutions, LLC in Buffalo, NY, USA, we specialize in innovative, technology–driven solutions for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste treatment, bio-energy industries. We are one of only a few worldwide offering product research and testing, the design and engineering of process equipment and systems, and manufacturing of complex one-of-a-kind and first-of-a-kind equipment and systems all at a single location. HPS consists of specialized operating groups: Buflovak Rotating and Vacuum Thermal Process Equipment Group, Buflovak Evaporation and Separation Technology Group and Patterson Kelley (PK) Process Equipment Group.