Atmospheric Double Drum Dryer


Atmospheric Double Drum Dryers are the most versatile and widely applied type of drum dryer because of their product versatility, high drying efficiency, low operating cost and long term operational reliability.

Utilizing thin film continuous drying via conductive heat transfer, these dryers are used to dry hundreds of various types of food, chemical, environmental, and pharmaceutical materials of widely varying densities and viscosities. Temperature sensitive products can be successfully dried since exposure to temperatures above the (atmospheric) boiling point is limited to only a few seconds.

Consisting of two rotating saturated steam pressurized drums, one fixed and one adjustable to permit complete control of product film thickness, requires the drums to be machined to exacting tolerances with perfectly matched lengths. Standard drums can be constructed of cast iron or fabricated steel with pressure rating of 160 psig and complies with current ASME or PED Pressure Code Directives. Non-standard drums can be supplied to conform to other national design and construction codes. 

Due to the hundreds of various types of products and operating environments, almost all aspects of a drum dryer’s mechanical design, operating components and ancillary equipment can be customized to meet each individual process design needs.  

The vast majority of Buflovak double drum dryers are installed on a production-guaranteed basis because the specific process (chemistry) design was tested and then pilot-run in the Buflovak laboratory, which provided reliable scale-up data for correct dryer configuration and drum surface area to meet each individual process design application.

The following chart is an example of the flexible atmospheric double drum dryer surface area range to meet your specific dry product production rate. The drum length of any given drum diameter can be adjusted for exact drying surface area requirements to meet and balance upstream (liquid) process and downstream (dry solid) capacity design.

Standard Atmospheric Double Drum Dryers (ADDD) Models

ADDD Model Sizes

Total Drying
Surface Area

  6x8 ADDD

      2.0 sq. ft.

12x18 ADDD

      9.4 sq. ft.

24x24 ADDD

    25.1 sq. ft

24x48 ADDD

    50.3 sq. ft.

32x52 ADDD

    72.6 sq. ft.

32x72 ADDD

  100.5 sq. ft.

42x60 ADDD

  109.8 sq. ft.

42x120 ADDD

  219.9 sq. ft.

48x156 ADDD

  326.0 sq. ft.

60x144 ADDD

  377.0 sq. ft.

60x180 ADDD

  471.0 sq. ft.

72x120 ADDD

  565.0 sq. ft.

72x240 ADDD

  753.6 sq. ft

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