System Upgrades



  • Sanitary
  • All welded design
  • Less Hardware
  • Liquid-Solids
  • High-Speed
  • Pin


  • Fewer parts to wear out or replace.
  • Reduced time and labor required for change out and cleaning.
  • Fewer crevices to catch material.
  • Cross contamination can be virtually eliminated.
  • Reassembly is simplified.
  • Improved balance means less wear on the intensifier drive.
  • Choice of blade length increase batch flexibility.
  • Designed to match your existing process.

Control System Upgrades:

P-K has the experience and expertise to customize the system controls such that the unit becomes an integral part of the material flow in your production cycle.

Vessels can be accurately positioned automatically for docking with loading devices and for a controlled discharge using feed-back signals from floor scales.

Batch data can be accumulated and made available via communication protocols or portable memory devices.