Field Service

The Patterson-Kelley Field Service Department is always available and ready to provide field service when requested. We service all types of P-K equipment including Tumble Blenders, Intensifier Blenders, MVP Systems, Processors, Dryers and Continuous Blenders.

Patterson-Kelley service technician’s primary function is to identify and correct the source of mechanical problems. They are also available to instruct the customer’s personnel in the correct operating procedures and preventative maintenance of Patterson-Kelley equipment.

What you will need:
The machine serial/reference number.
A brief description of the problem you are experiencing.
Any other pertinent information that will help our staff identify the problem.

Machines must be out of production, cleaned, and ready upon the arrival of our service technician. The customer must provide all necessary assistance in the form of movers, mechanics, operators, etc. The customer should also provide any standard tools and facilities that may be required but cannot be readily carried by a service technician, i.e. lifting equipment, welders, etc.

We do not perform installation or erection work.  In special cases, however, we will supervise the installation of Patterson-Kelley equipment. This service will be available only at Patterson-Kelley’s option and charges for this service will be determined at that time.

Avoid unnecessary down time and equipment breakdowns by having routine maintenance performed on your equipment. This scheduled maintenance will insure that a skilled and trained P-K technician is available to perform this important work. Annual or multi-year contracts are available.