General Description of Laboratory

The Buflovak Customer Service Laboratory is an integral unit having 10,400 square feet of floor space divided into the following areas:

  1. Offices and Glassware Laboratories, 1,200 square feet
  2. Pilot Plant and Main Laboratory, 9,200 square feet having:
  • 1,000 square feet of floor space, with 35 foot headroom
  • 8,200 square feet of floor space, with 18 foot headroom

The testing performed at this facility enables customers to evaluate the specific elements of any proposed drying, vacuum drying or cooling drum flaker application prior to its implementation. We thoroughly test the equipment's performance before we commit to full-scale installation. New and existing products can be tested in absolute confidentiality. More than 21,000 tests have already been performed on our customers' food, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

For information concerning laboratory testing, pilot testing of equipment rental, please contact:

Robert Szalda -

Laboratory Manager

Buflovak, LLC

(716) 895-2100 Ext. 120