Evaporative Crystallizers

Buflovak designs and manufactures
crystallizers of all basic types as the
schematics shown here illustrate.  Whether
the need is for batch or continuous operation, small or large crystals, Buflovak considers
the entire process so the most economical approach can be determined.

Forced Circulation Crystallizers

This approach to crystallization can be effective regardless of the solubility curve. However, many other factors, both
economic and physical, must be considered
in determining the ultimate choice. The submerged inlet vapor body offers the
following advantages over the standard
elbow inlet design.

  • Larger average crystal size
  • Narrows the crystal size distribution curve
  • Reduction in circulation pump horse power requirement.

Vacuum or Surface Cooled Crystallizers

Generally, these types of crystallizers can be considered for materials having a solubility curve with a steep slope. The crystal size desired and the temperature level and nature of the solute will usually determine whether a vacuum- or surface-cooled unit is indicated.

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