Buflovak Product Lines


Falling Film Evaporators Offer distinct operating advantages in concentrating materials to viscous for natural circulation and those which are heat sensitive and require minimum retention time.



Forced Circulation Evaporators Liquid is pumped through the tubes at controlled velocities to provide high heat transfer rates.Since no boiling occurs in the tubes, fouling is reduced or eliminated and used for viscous and crystal or scale producing liquids.


Rising-Falling Film Evaporators operates combining rising and falling film action. Product quality is preserved through minimum holding volume and short retention time. Especially suited for low headroom requirements and concentrating extremely heat sensitive,foamy,and/or viscous liquids.


Natural Circulation / Rising Film Evaporator Vertical Rapid Concentration evaporator’s circulation is induced thermally by the rising action of the boiling liquid in the tubes. These evaporators are designed for foamy and non-viscous liquids.

  Plate Evaporator Buflovak offers various plate processing systems for evaporating, desolventizing, devolatizing and stripping solvents from viscous, heat and shear sensitive materials.