Buflovak LLC has it origins from the merger of two small manufacturing companies in Buffalo, New York, USA. In 1902, the David Bell Engineering Works and The Buffalo Foundry Company merged and created The Buffalo Foundry and Machine Company. The company evolved into a specialist in the design and manufacturing of drum dryers, vacuum dryers, evaporators, vacuum pumps, condensers and receivers. Several years after the merger, the "Buflovak" trade name was coined to encompass the company's vacuum process equipment and is an abbreviation for "Buffalo Vacuum Equipment."

During the 1930's Buflovak became knows as the worlds foremost expert in the design and construction of vacuum milk dryers and evaporators. Buflovak went on to pioneer advances in process design, equipment and fabrication methods.

For more than 104 years, Buflovak has meant quality and reliability in the design and manufacture of process equipment for chemicals, food products, pharmaceutical products and by-product recovery. A fully integrated system at Buflovak brings together engineering, manufacturing and testing under one roof in the production of complex and specialized equipment on a small or large scale. This is why Buflovak equipment can be found in almost every industrialized country in the world.