Buflovak and PK have joined the Hebeler Group of Companies as Hebeler Process solutions, LLC. Click Here to read more.

Drying & Drum Flaking

The Rotating and Vacuum Thermal Process Equipment Group specializes in providing engineering driven solutions for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental processes requiring drying or cooling of a process stream. The available process equipment includes Atmospheric and Vacuum Double Drum Dryers, Single Drum Dryers, Vacuum Rotary Dryers, Vacuum Pan Dryers and Cooling Drum Flakers.


An Evaporator is the descriptive name generally given to process equipment used to remove liquid by vaporization. Buflovak designs Evaporators to give distinct and profitable operating advantages for concentrating chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, waste streams, and a range of by-products. Buflovak offers a line of evaporators to meet every processing requirement.

Powder Processing

The Patterson Kelley Group (PK) specializes in a variety of unit operations that add value to powder processing applications. The available processing possibilities include tumble blending, intensified blending and liquid/solids blending in batch and continuous modes. In addition, appropriate formulations may be processed through wet granulation and drying within a single pot processor.

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